[ Freedom Not Frontex – March For Freedom 2014] 27.07.2014 Statement : Geraud


« I’m Geraud,
and to discuss cultural policies and economic and social issues that are relevant in a crisp relations of African countries and the countries of Europe is for me a very shocking and deeply moving subject. Listening to all these testimonies of survivors of this system, it is very easy to show that Europe is cruel. Being a machine of deportation it should rather be ashamed instead of boasting itself of its globalization and its industries. If we look more closely in the analysis, Germany attracts my attention. It pretends to have broken with his old habits, however, it is clear that the same gene flow in the veins of these leaders. Graphic study shows that the German system is a refugee killing machine more than other countries in Europe. My personal spirit shows that being refugees in Germany is grazing madness or death. Currently for me it is time to say these truths and European leaders should be aware of the most bloody situations of African countries and the Third World because if refugees leave Africa is because of the dirty hand of European policies that are present in almost all African institutions. African politicians are puppets in power which are at the pleasure of Europe in exchange for military protection in the long term. Under the pretext that the big fish eat small fish. Europe wants to be a professor of democracy, then it is time to take responsibility. In almost 16 countries in Africa are currently civil wars, with bad media coverage, however there is not one industrialize country in Africa which manufactures weapons, without European license. Weapons to the world that are used in wars in Africa are manufactured by the European and in particular by the German companies Heckler & Koch and Fritz Werner. This weapons are in circulation and are used to violate human’s rights. How did this arms managed to be in rebel hands and the hands of the policy, while they are in a prey situation in war. Then my analysis goes into raw materials such as gold, oil and cocoa. Europe knows that the economic future of the world rests on the seas and oceans through the first transport of raw materials. In the case of cocoa, more than half of the world’s cocoa is consumed by Europeans and we know very well that much of this cocoa come from Cote d’Ivoire. So that the raw material can reach Europe youth and children are trafficked from Mali to Côte d’Ivoire and are exploited in cocoa fields. So European must know that for children to eat chocolate other children must have been subjected to trafficking and exploited through slavery, having been used as child labor in cocoa fields. For me, it is madness to imagine that Europeans have equalized the stupidity.
I would take another example which is food waste. More than half of the food production in Europe going in the trash either in industry in fisheries, in supermarkets, and even in our fridges, we are wasting quite forgetting that there are people somewhere dying of hunger. For evidence you just have to look at recent images of Somalia, children with big stomachs and flies in their eyes, the result of half a century of suffering. I cannot display all the object of my study here, but a few points I cited as example are enough to attract the attention of misinforming citizens of Europe, leaders of institutions and even the UN so they know that the refugee is the result of all these bad conduct policy towards Africa and the Third World. They must take their responsibilities, they should protect people before protecting the borders because it is about human life. These are people fleeing insecurity to go elsewhere to ask security. They must regulate all undocumented and all refugees without delay. Give them the right to work, to health and integrity. Because no one is illegal, the borders are and remain imaginary, since the partition of Africa in 1885 at the Berlin conference. Your mistakes will always catch you. Currently in connection with the march for freedom the message I want to pass is the fact that we the livings we do not allow that such an atrocity never can be again. I’m talking about people who have suffered, who have been beaten and died. For me to express myself here it’s as to witness to the death for life.
Long live freedom. »




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