[come_together]: Thursday 05.03.2015 15h, Berlin: Demonstration against stricter asylum law

Stop the impending tightening of the Right to Stay!


Thursday 5th of March 2015 3pm

Brandenburger Tor (Platz des 18. März)

On the 6th of March 2015, the first reading of the draft of the awkwardly titled law: « for the redefinition of the right of residence and the termination of residence » will take place in the German parliament. Despite its title, this law doesn’t have much to do with the right of residence. Especially « tolerated » people and refugees subject to the Dublin-procedure are facing extensive state repression, for example

  • Imprisonment
  • Re-Entrance Bans
  • Prohibition of work.

While Pegida is holding racist demonstrations nationwide, the parliament nearly fulfils some of there demands with this upcoming law.

Refugees are Criminalized
All refugees with a supposedly « risk to flee » can be imprisoned. That concerns all refugees subject to the Dublin-procedure; Every refugee, who entered without visa; Everyone, who owns faked or no identity documents; And those who don’t help to clarify their identity. However, for many refugees an unclear identity is there only protection against deportation.

Entrance ban for the Schengen area
An additional repression instrument is the proposed extension of entrance bans for the Schengen area. The entrance ban is to apply to anyone who

  • who didn’t leave the country by the set departure deadline — meaning all « tolerated » people
  • who « has entered Germany in order to draw public benefits ».

This includes refugees subject to the Dublin-procedure and everyone who has been accepted as beeing eligible to protection in another European country. Also people whose reasons for asylum are not believed, are banned from reentering. Whole states are declared as being « safe » and it is often assumed that refugees don’t have « real » reasons for fleeing. In this cases there asylum claims are rejected as « obviously unfounded ».

Works ban 
Especially for those whose asylum claims are considered as « obviously unfounded » the daily life is being complicated even further. Besides already existing laws like the duty to live in a « camp » and the Asylum seekers benefits law, they are imposed with a general work ban.

Political activity ban for rejected asylum seekers?
Political commitment by refugees is indirectly put on a same level as « criminal » acts. Both can be used as reasons for an expulsion. As a consequence this could mean a political activity ban for rejected asylum seekers.
In conclusion, it can be assumed that with this law all future refugees in Germany can be locked away. It can be further be assumed that the number of deportations will increase. The fundamental right for asylum and the right for a « fair » access to an asylum procedure is further more abolished. Starting with their entrance to Germany refugees are being criminalized. There is not the slitest chance for a « fair » procedure. The de facto ban for refugees to be politically active is an attack on all politically active people in Germany and the freedom of speech in general. Especially the formulation that in case of « risk to flee » refugees can be imprisoned, takes the whole law ad absurdum. Talking about « risk to flee » when it comes to refugees can only be seen as utter mockery put into the so called law on Residence.

We call on everyone to stand up against these unjust and racist law!

No tightening of asylum law! For humane asylum policies!

No more work prohibitions, entrance bans, or pre-deportation detention. Remove these and all other similar instruments from the arsenal of deportation mechanisms!

For a right of residency for those who have been classified as ,tolerated’ over a period of years! This must apply to everyone, without exceptions!

Freedom of movement is everybodys right!

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