[SoLiDaRiDaNcE]: Do 05.03.2015 19:30 : #5: Info event and soliparty : Women’s resistance against Lager and illegalisation # PART 1



« Do All Women Have Equal Rights?

Women’s Resistance Against Illegalisation & Lager »

wheelchair accessible
 in English & German spoken language

Part 1 // 5.3.2015 // 19:30h

Reports by activists from Respect! & Women’s Space

Part 2 // 2.4.2015 // 19:30h

Reports of Women in Exile activists

Check out our programm for March 5th:

Panel discussion with three women from Respect! and Women’s Space

21h: AFRO-REVOLUTION (Requested) Protest songs from Yaoundé and N’Djamena to Berlin with guy la providence, douala manga bell; deutsch man gabbana; parfait; don tox and gilles yory thegod

Ab 21.30h:
DJ dr. k // queerbeet–move your feet!

Ab 23h:
DJ Sky Deep (previously known as Sky Disco from discoBAASSIK)
// Tribal House, Tech Funk & Bass

Ab 01h – End: DJ Nagi Koku // Sounds From Here

As activists from Respect!, Women’s Space & Women in Exile, we invite you to 2 consecutive info events to raise awareness about our struggle against illegalisation & Lager:

PART1 // 5th of march:

Respect! will report on the situation of illegalised women workers in the city of Berlin, on their surviving strategies & their collective organization.

The Women’s Space will tell you what it takes to access medical care & family planning in the conditions of isolation imposed by the « bush Lagers » & by the bureaucratic rule of our lives. We will explain what it means to be a mother in exile, struggling for the right to a self-determined life & to education, for ourselves & for our children. We will also try to tell you what it takes to relate to our female bodies, while being forced to live in a crowded, filthy Sammelunterkunft*.


We carry a “double burden”. We struggle not only as Refugees or illegalised persons, but also as women:

In March, we demonstrate twice!

On March 8, for women’s rights & for their visibility. On March 7, Women in Exile call to demonstrate in Potsdam against the Lager, the racist asylum system & its deportations.


With the funds raised by the info event & party on March 5, we want to continue our friend & fellow activist Sista Mimi’s support for her daughter’s education. We lost her last December after 20 years of human rights activism in Germany.

PART 2 // 2nd of april:

Women in Exile will talk about the inhumane living conditions in the Lager & our motivation to fight against it with a focus on women & children. On this occasion, funds will be raised for the group’s work.

More infos coming soon.



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