16.03.15: Strausberg/Garzau – Brandenburg: Demonstration in Lager against Isolation and Islamophobia: « We cannot live with somebody who hate us! « 

Around 60 people living in Garzau Refugee Lager in Brandenburg occupied this morning the stairs of the building demonstrating against the direction of the Heim.

Asking to the responsible authorities the dismissal of the Heimleiter they find themselves negotiating with the police. In addition to isolation and daily harassements, the last provocation came with this article published on thursday on the Märkische-Oderland Zeitung


The visit to the Lager of the Linke Social Minister turned itself in a display of islamophobic stereotypes, where somebody reading Koran to his children should be  regarded as a possible terrorist.

Refugee activists living in Garzau Lager, as they have no internet there, asked to me to publish these short news.


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