Transit-Festival KLEMPENOW

With Esthers Bejarano born 15th December 1984 and was the last suviver en the concentration camp n Germany

 Esthers Bejarano with Geraud , born 15th December 1924 , one of the survivors of the Auschwitz womwn’s orchestra.

I welcome the presence of everyone for the transit-Festival 2015 in Klempenow.
I am very pleased to participate as a guest of honor, I think it is a sign of humanity on the part of the organizers and a big step towards equality of people of diverse backgrounds.
I would like to participate in the events organization and especially the political discussions because today peace is built through dialogue.
In the case of Germany, it’s a great country with great political aspirations, but how can it keep a balance if it does not correct the mistakes of history!

A common fear remains in Germany and it is up to politicians to reassure citizens and not to traumatise them!
I would also like to discuss the topic of political refugee in Germany.
For example, this morning I was going to answer the invitation of Transit Festival here in Klempenow with four of my friends, I was surprised to find out that two of them were deported very early this morning, to Spain.

Another example is my friend Francois Xavier Mbenlemd. He is a friend of Cameroon and when he was trying to escape when the police entered the building one morning, they threw him from the second floor of the building once they had entered his room with the intention of deporting him, The fall broke his spine. They had to call the helicopter to take him to hospital. This happened three days ago and he is still suffering at the hospital in Hennigsdorf.

When a political system creates victims of this kind it is not political. This is war against the refugeese in allegorical form.

Most of the Germans are a good people and together we can succeed with small actions and expressions of kidness like the transit-festival. This is a great example!
I thank the organizers and wish them and all the guests an amazing time.

To change the world we must change our hearts as the future of our world is in our hearts….


Droits de Migrants et du Citoyen



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