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No-Stress-Tour 2016, first edition


No Stress Tour Poster

Summer is the time when lots of things are happening in Germany, also in and around Berlin.  People profit of the sun, they become more active and open up. This offers opportunities, particular for refugees, to think of new strategies to build up a better communal life.
For this reason CISPM and Afrique Europe Interact, international networks for emancipation and integration of refugees, are planning a project called „No Stress Tour“, which should take place this summer from July until October.
The aim of the project is to bring refugees and other inhabitants of the city closer to each other and to provide support with regard to the current complex asylum policy.

Despite the willingness of refugees, to open up to other residents and the willingness of other citizens to reach out to refugees, we noted that there are still barriers, based on anxious informations. „Refugees are rapist, suicide assassins or simply undesirables and Germans are historically radical racists“

– this opinion, which is based on individual cases and is used for the electoral game influences the public opinion, causing despotism on one side and stress among others . As the „No Stress Tour“ is primarily organized and planned by persons which are themselves refugees and European citizens, they will also directly or indirectly profit from the benefits the project offers.
Because of its flexibility, the „No Stress Tour“ facilitates the exchange between refugees and other inhabitants of the districts and sensitizes people on issues such as the controversial asylum policy, with special focus on the emancipation of women and children.
To achieve our goal, we will organise weekends full of activities in various refugee camps from July to October, which will be carried out in two camps each month in or around Berlin and Bielefeld.

Invited are in particular refugees, citizens of the concerning districts, doctors and lawyers for refugees, mayors, socially active groups and people with migration background.
The various activities are adressed to all the persons directly concerned.

To the citizens of the districts, to all refugees and particular to all woman and children.
Planned weekend schedule for the „No Stress Tour“:

· soccer: mixed: Neighbours of the Heime/ Refugees
· Exchange concerning ‘Stress’ with families, women and children (with a psycholgist)

· volleyball: mixed: Women/Men
· Exchange with families, women and children (With an Imam)

· Music workshops (choir)
· space for children to play
· concert – performances of 5 different groups of artists

Besides the fact that we want to bring the citizens closer to refugees and at the same time to show refugees that there are people supporting them in their rights, we also want to conscientize and enforce women who particularly live in a difficult situation facing special troubles being women, as well as we want to conscientize children in their right to education.
Due to the participation of the refugees themselves and locals, we expect this poject to be very promising.
But of course the activities which will take place directly in the camps throughout the hole
weekend require financial support.
We hope to establish a good atmosphere between all inhabitants in order to continue and to improve the project in the next years.

Contact us:
Facebook:  No Stress Tour

Be part of our Team:
Each Sunday, 16:00-18:00h,
Seminarraum next to Café Kotti, Adalbertstr. 4 (U8 Kottbusser Tor)
Organinised by: The No-Stress Team and supporters

Support us : 

Borderline-europe e.V ;  Bank : Gls Gemeinschaftsbank;  Purpuse : No Stress Tour

IBAN: DE54 4306 0967 4005 7941 02 ;


[NIO and KuB] 23.04.2015, 20h30, SO 36 Berlin: Concert in solidarity to the people in the school and for organizing sleeping places for a long term At the side of people out of the school (GHS) and other Refugees

Concert in solidarity to the people in the school and for organizing
sleeping places for a long term

At the side of people out of the school (GHS) and other Refugees we are
struggling for humanity and political rights

and we support the idea of a social Refugee Center.

The people, who arrived the Oplatz in 2012, are informing about their
situation, about political status, …. Although the politics didn´t
chance anything,

they are fighting still for freedom of movement, their right to stay,
right to work, and to build up a social Refugee center…..

The house of 28doors got totally burned at the 31th of March. The Oplatz
is a symbol for the fight of Refugees, it should be an meeting point,
for discussions,

for celebrations, for exhibitions, …. It was build up from Refugees and
supports through the winter. Now it´s burned 😦 The place now looks
desolate and empty.

The sleepingplace-orga is trying to find places to stay for Refugees
which lost a place to live. Now they are still working in this really
small Container in the middle of place.

Also KUB, contact & consultation for Refugee, is working still 30 year

There is much to do, it is not easy, more a big challenge – but we will
not give up !!!

Together we want to give a sign with this Soli-concert, that we stay on
the side of the Refugee struggle.

We want to inform you, ….. The donation will be for people of the school
and for organizing sleeping places.

Dota Kehr (Kleingeldprinzessin) Duo mit Jan Rohrbach

Francesco Wilking & Moritz Kraemer (Die höchste Eisenbahn)

Danny Dziuk – solo

Antinational Embassy – Duo

SO 36, 23.4.2015, 20h30

Entrance beginning: 19.30 / 7.30 p.m.

Oranienstraße 190, Heinrichplatz, Bus – M29

Soli-Eintrance: 8 bis 12 Euro, for Refugees – free

organised by NIO & KUB (Nachbarschaftsinitiative Ohlauer & Kontakt-
und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge)

[Come-Together]: 06.04.2015, 12H, Berlin: Bus-Tour-Preparation-Meeting


We meet on monday 6th of april together with refugee-activists from
Dresden discuss and organize the bus-tour.

12p.m. in the refugee-office  Waldemarstraße 46

The bus-tour takes probably place from 18th of april – 11th of may.

You are welcome to join.

TELEPHON: 01521 4451277

…infrastructure support needed:

– money for benzin (a lot!)
– drivers (over 25years old)
– support for translation



We are refugee activists and supporters from Berlin (Oranienplatz
protest, occupied Ohlauer School).
In April/May we want to do a bus tour through Germany.

We plan to travel in three vans (20 people max.) and go to a different
place every day.

On the tour we want to connect with

  •  Refugee and migrant collectives
  • Anti-fascist & anti-racist groups
  • Refugees Welcome groups
  • People in Lagers

We want to talk about:

  • The situation of refugees in your area.
  •  Your political strategies. What do you do?
  • What has happened in your area over the last years?
  • How is your connection to people inside/outside the Lagers?
  • What are your major problems right now (personal/political)?
  • How do politicians, news and neighbors react?
  • Can we develop a common strategy against new asylum law restrictions,  Lagers and deportation?

We want to know your answers and tell you about the last three years in

To do this bus tour we need…


  • What do you think we could do together while we’re in your area?
  • Should we drive to Lagers and talk to refugee activists there?
  • Do you know people in the Lagers?
  • Which places in your BUNDESLAND should we visit to push our issue?

Thanks and solidarity!

TELEPHON: 01521 4451277

[come_together] 02.04.2015, 16 Uhr, New Yorck Bethanien, Berlin: Kaufen statt Räumen!

Kaufen statt Räumen!

Wir kaufen die Ohlauer-Schule!
Refugee-Aktivist_innen haben sich entschieden die Schule zu kaufen.
Gemeinsam mit euch wollen wir die Zukunft der Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Schule
planen. Es ist dringend, kommt vobei!

Mehr Informationen:

[Come together]: 25.02-20.03.2015: upcoming events



We are approaching march very soon, we are getting closer to our demonstration on the 21th of march, so here are our upcoming events:

You will not only find announcements for MY RIGHT IS YOUR RIGHT, also for other related events, demonstrations and manifestations: Lire la suite