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No-Stress-Tour 2016, first edition


No Stress Tour Poster

Summer is the time when lots of things are happening in Germany, also in and around Berlin.  People profit of the sun, they become more active and open up. This offers opportunities, particular for refugees, to think of new strategies to build up a better communal life.
For this reason CISPM and Afrique Europe Interact, international networks for emancipation and integration of refugees, are planning a project called „No Stress Tour“, which should take place this summer from July until October.
The aim of the project is to bring refugees and other inhabitants of the city closer to each other and to provide support with regard to the current complex asylum policy.

Despite the willingness of refugees, to open up to other residents and the willingness of other citizens to reach out to refugees, we noted that there are still barriers, based on anxious informations. „Refugees are rapist, suicide assassins or simply undesirables and Germans are historically radical racists“

– this opinion, which is based on individual cases and is used for the electoral game influences the public opinion, causing despotism on one side and stress among others . As the „No Stress Tour“ is primarily organized and planned by persons which are themselves refugees and European citizens, they will also directly or indirectly profit from the benefits the project offers.
Because of its flexibility, the „No Stress Tour“ facilitates the exchange between refugees and other inhabitants of the districts and sensitizes people on issues such as the controversial asylum policy, with special focus on the emancipation of women and children.
To achieve our goal, we will organise weekends full of activities in various refugee camps from July to October, which will be carried out in two camps each month in or around Berlin and Bielefeld.

Invited are in particular refugees, citizens of the concerning districts, doctors and lawyers for refugees, mayors, socially active groups and people with migration background.
The various activities are adressed to all the persons directly concerned.

To the citizens of the districts, to all refugees and particular to all woman and children.
Planned weekend schedule for the „No Stress Tour“:

· soccer: mixed: Neighbours of the Heime/ Refugees
· Exchange concerning ‘Stress’ with families, women and children (with a psycholgist)

· volleyball: mixed: Women/Men
· Exchange with families, women and children (With an Imam)

· Music workshops (choir)
· space for children to play
· concert – performances of 5 different groups of artists

Besides the fact that we want to bring the citizens closer to refugees and at the same time to show refugees that there are people supporting them in their rights, we also want to conscientize and enforce women who particularly live in a difficult situation facing special troubles being women, as well as we want to conscientize children in their right to education.
Due to the participation of the refugees themselves and locals, we expect this poject to be very promising.
But of course the activities which will take place directly in the camps throughout the hole
weekend require financial support.
We hope to establish a good atmosphere between all inhabitants in order to continue and to improve the project in the next years.

Contact us:
Facebook:  No Stress Tour

Be part of our Team:
Each Sunday, 16:00-18:00h,
Seminarraum next to Café Kotti, Adalbertstr. 4 (U8 Kottbusser Tor)
Organinised by: The No-Stress Team and supporters

Support us : 

Borderline-europe e.V ;  Bank : Gls Gemeinschaftsbank;  Purpuse : No Stress Tour

IBAN: DE54 4306 0967 4005 7941 02 ;


[Corasol] 10-17.04.2015, Berlin: call for a long-term protest with performance, workshops, discussins and concert

Call for participation

In order to resist the upcoming restriction of residence law in this
country that will be decided in the Bundestag on 8th of May,
we’re calling for a long-term protest daily 2 pm to 7 pm between the
10th and the 17th of April at Brandenburger Tor/Pariser Platz.

We’d love to organise for a cultural and political program that helps
to make the protest more visible. If you want to make a contribution,
please contact us!

We’re lancing this call but the action is for everyone to make out of it what we can and want, so let’s cooperate to live up the place and make the week of action against residence restriction colourful and a space for organizing and learning! It would be really great to have different performances, workshops, discussions and concerts throughout the protest week.

Please get in touch and hope to see you there,

[Alliance Come_Together] 10th – 17th April 2015, Berlin: daily demonstration against stricter asylum law

Stop the impending aggravation of the asylum laws!

Daily Demonstration 10th till 17th of April 2015 Pariser Platz 2-7pm

After the extension of the list contained within the so-called “regulation of safe countries of origin” in autumn 2014, another aggravation of the residence act is being planned now, which has the potential to transform nearly every asylum seeker into a criminal. While Pegida is holding racist demonstrations, the parliament nearly fulfils some of there demands with this upcoming law.

In future, deportations shall be carried out harder and more consequently. Criteria for imprisonment are extremely extended. Additionally, the possibilities of imposing entry- and residence-bans are to be widened. Especially „tolerated“ people and refugees subject to the Dublin-procedure are facing these extensive repressions.

We oppose the law draft, slated to be implemented in June 2015.
Through this daily demonstration we want to make this subject more visible! The tigtening of the law calls for more than an usual demonstration. By means of daily presence, workshops, cultural programm and information for pedestrians we want to reveal that this law will make life for refugees even worse than it already is!

For our action to be succesful we need you!

Join us!

Take shifts,

offer workshops,

make a concert,

play theatre,


Say no to the new law draft by the federal government for the “re-definition of the right to stay and the termination of stay”!

Flight is not a crime!

For a community in solidarity without exclusion!

Information about the daily demonstrations and the exact programm:

If you want to contribute something to the programm, contact:

Information on the law and the whole action week:

Sa 27.03.2015, Berlin: Refugee’s manifestation and networking meeting / discussion in Berlin on 27.03.2015: With Refugees from Schwäebish Gmünd

Refugee’s manifestation in Berlin on 27.03.2015:

Stop Abuse!

Legalize the so Called “tolerated » refugees in Germany!

Stop Destroying Refugees’ Perspectives!

Discussion, networking, meeting and eating in the evening.

Date: 27.03.2015
Time: 2 pm Manifestation / 6 pm Meeting and Eating
Place: Manifestation – Tiergartenstr. 15, 10785 Berlin – Landesvertretung Baden Württemberg

Place:Sofra – MeetingandEating – Köpenickerstr 189, 10997 Berlin – TEK (U-Bahn Schlesischestor)

Refugee Tour – Solidarity Call for Civil Disobedience from Refugee Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd

Leke Aremu, Farook Khan, Raphael Paul, Frankline Ndam, James Ogoloma
Wuppertal 23.03.15, Hamburg und Erfurt (Demonstration) 24.03.15, Kiel 25.03.15, Bremen 26.03.15, Berlin 27.03.15, Konstanz 01.04.15, Schwäbisch Gmd 06.04.15, Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Demonstration) 16.04.2015

While we await any attempt to force us into imprisonment as we excise civil disobedience against Apartheid “Residenzpflicht”, we shall embark on a Tour all over Germany to damask the repressive policies against Refugees in Germany.

The Tour will serve as a platform for exchange amongst Refugees with a critical view to the 2015 deceptive Asylum “relief” in comprehensive relation to the horrific Asylum “Compromise” of 1993 up to the hypocritical decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court in 2012.

In this tour, refugees will be informed about the “Adverse faces of Germany” enforced through arbitrary powers at different levels, the system of Refugee Isolation and control, the continuous exploitation of Refugees here and beyond the borders of Europe. Their propaganda is built on the grounds of ignorance of a “civilized” society and at the expense of Refugee’s human dignity.

Now is the time to mobilize Refugee’s solidarity and empower networking within our communities through the intimate understanding that we all face the same problems – even though the situations might appear to be different.

Our experiences have confirmed that nothing good can be expected from Imperialist States like Germany except by direct confrontation and scandal.

As your responsibility to support the revolution of the oppressed you should mobilize refugees and organize discussion events in your region. Announce your dates so as to enable us plan our schedule. We will be glad to join you for exchange.

Scheduled Appointments so Far:

Wuppertal :- 23.03.15
Hamburg :- 24.03.15
Erfurt (Demonstration) 24.03.2015, 14 Uhr, Hauptbahnhof

Kiel :- 25.03.15
Bremen :- 26.03.15
Berlin :- 27.03.15
Konstanz :- 01.04.15
Schwäbisch Gmd :- 06.04.15
Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Demonstration) 16.04.2015

Video: Keeping Resistane Against Oppression!

Grassroots movement and resistance of refugee activists from Schwaebisch Gmuend against residenzpflicht imprisonment

Contact to the Refugee Activists on Civil disobedience Farooq Khan
(015218353998 engl/farsi) or Frankline Ndam (015214562677 engl/french)

Refugee Initiative Schwäbisch

Support and donate for the movement!
The VOICE Refugee Forum

The Voice Refugee Forum in Baden-Württemberg,
Boblingerstr.105, 70199 Stuttgart
Tel.: 017627873832 – Email:

Donation Account:
Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
Sparkasse Göttingen
Kontonummer: 127829
BLZ: 260 500 01
IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29

[Come Together]: Tue 24.03 20H: InfoEvent Stop Tightening of asylum laws – discussion



KüfA and Info Event on the tightening of the asylum law!

Tuesday 24/03/2015 @ Friedelstr. 54 (Neukölln) 8pm:

Good food with peanut sauce, beans, rice and dought balls.

9pm: Infos about the law and actions against it.

Lawyer Berenice Böhlo will present the law and activists the upcoming
actions in April!

On the 24th of April 2015 the German parliament will vote on the draft
of the awkwardly titled law: « for the redefinition of the right of residence and the termination of residence ». For many activists it’s difficult to fully understand the
content of the law. That’s why we will try to clarify some of the
What is hidden behind the law? Which consequences does it have for
« tolerated » people? For people affected by the Dublin-legislation?
For future asylum seekers in Germany? What about increasing
imprisonment, working ban, re-entrance- and residence ban?
Can the law still be stopped? What actions are planned?How can I


[SoLiDaRiDaNcE]: Do 05.03.2015 19:30 : #5: Info event and soliparty : Women’s resistance against Lager and illegalisation # PART 1


« Do All Women Have Equal Rights?

Women’s Resistance Against Illegalisation & Lager »

wheelchair accessible
 in English & German spoken language

Part 1 // 5.3.2015 // 19:30h

Reports by activists from Respect! & Women’s Space

Part 2 // 2.4.2015 // 19:30h

Reports of Women in Exile activists

Check out our programm for March 5th:

Panel discussion with three women from Respect! and Women’s Space

21h: AFRO-REVOLUTION (Requested) Protest songs from Yaoundé and N’Djamena to Berlin with guy la providence, douala manga bell; deutsch man gabbana; parfait; don tox and gilles yory thegod

Ab 21.30h:
DJ dr. k // queerbeet–move your feet!

Ab 23h:
DJ Sky Deep (previously known as Sky Disco from discoBAASSIK)
// Tribal House, Tech Funk & Bass

Ab 01h – End: DJ Nagi Koku // Sounds From Here

As activists from Respect!, Women’s Space & Women in Exile, we invite you to 2 consecutive info events to raise awareness about our struggle against illegalisation & Lager:

PART1 // 5th of march:

Respect! will report on the situation of illegalised women workers in the city of Berlin, on their surviving strategies & their collective organization.

The Women’s Space will tell you what it takes to access medical care & family planning in the conditions of isolation imposed by the « bush Lagers » & by the bureaucratic rule of our lives. We will explain what it means to be a mother in exile, struggling for the right to a self-determined life & to education, for ourselves & for our children. We will also try to tell you what it takes to relate to our female bodies, while being forced to live in a crowded, filthy Sammelunterkunft*.

We carry a “double burden”. We struggle not only as Refugees or illegalised persons, but also as women:

In March, we demonstrate twice!

On March 8, for women’s rights & for their visibility. On March 7, Women in Exile call to demonstrate in Potsdam against the Lager, the racist asylum system & its deportations.

With the funds raised by the info event & party on March 5, we want to continue our friend & fellow activist Sista Mimi’s support for her daughter’s education. We lost her last December after 20 years of human rights activism in Germany.

PART 2 // 2nd of april:

Women in Exile will talk about the inhumane living conditions in the Lager & our motivation to fight against it with a focus on women & children. On this occasion, funds will be raised for the group’s work.

More infos coming soon.