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[The Voice Refugee Forum]: 23.03-16.04.2015: Refugee Tour – Solidarity Call for Civil Disobedience from Refugee Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd

Keeping Resistance Against Oppression!

“Residenzpflicht still means Apartheid”
“Lager still means elimination”

Leke Aremu, Farook Khan, Raphael Paul, Frankline Ndam, James Ogoloma

Refugee Tour – Solidarity Call for Civil Disobedience from Refugee
Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd

  • Wuppertal 23.03.,
  • Hamburg 24.03.
  • Erfurt 24.03.
  • Kiel 25.03.
  • Bremen 26.03.
  • Konstanz 01.04.
  • Schwäbisch Gmd 06.03.15
  • Lutherstadt Wittenberg 16.04.2015

1/3 Refugees from Schwäbisch Gmünd on the Move!


09.03.2015 is the second deadline given for the Activist to report themselves here in Ellwangen Prison.

The Persecuted refugees maintain the stand of NO COMPROMISE TO APARTHEID RESIDENZPFLICHT.

We demand the dropping of all Residenzpflicht charges against Refugees in Germany.

We demand complete abolition of Apartheid Residenzpflicht in German.



Sa 27.03.2015, Berlin: Refugee’s manifestation and networking meeting / discussion in Berlin on 27.03.2015: With Refugees from Schwäebish Gmünd

Refugee’s manifestation in Berlin on 27.03.2015:

Stop Abuse!

Legalize the so Called “tolerated » refugees in Germany!

Stop Destroying Refugees’ Perspectives!

Discussion, networking, meeting and eating in the evening.

Date: 27.03.2015
Time: 2 pm Manifestation / 6 pm Meeting and Eating
Place: Manifestation – Tiergartenstr. 15, 10785 Berlin – Landesvertretung Baden Württemberg

Place:Sofra – MeetingandEating – Köpenickerstr 189, 10997 Berlin – TEK (U-Bahn Schlesischestor)

Refugee Tour – Solidarity Call for Civil Disobedience from Refugee Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd

Leke Aremu, Farook Khan, Raphael Paul, Frankline Ndam, James Ogoloma
Wuppertal 23.03.15, Hamburg und Erfurt (Demonstration) 24.03.15, Kiel 25.03.15, Bremen 26.03.15, Berlin 27.03.15, Konstanz 01.04.15, Schwäbisch Gmd 06.04.15, Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Demonstration) 16.04.2015

While we await any attempt to force us into imprisonment as we excise civil disobedience against Apartheid “Residenzpflicht”, we shall embark on a Tour all over Germany to damask the repressive policies against Refugees in Germany.

The Tour will serve as a platform for exchange amongst Refugees with a critical view to the 2015 deceptive Asylum “relief” in comprehensive relation to the horrific Asylum “Compromise” of 1993 up to the hypocritical decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court in 2012.

In this tour, refugees will be informed about the “Adverse faces of Germany” enforced through arbitrary powers at different levels, the system of Refugee Isolation and control, the continuous exploitation of Refugees here and beyond the borders of Europe. Their propaganda is built on the grounds of ignorance of a “civilized” society and at the expense of Refugee’s human dignity.

Now is the time to mobilize Refugee’s solidarity and empower networking within our communities through the intimate understanding that we all face the same problems – even though the situations might appear to be different.

Our experiences have confirmed that nothing good can be expected from Imperialist States like Germany except by direct confrontation and scandal.

As your responsibility to support the revolution of the oppressed you should mobilize refugees and organize discussion events in your region. Announce your dates so as to enable us plan our schedule. We will be glad to join you for exchange.

Scheduled Appointments so Far:

Wuppertal :- 23.03.15
Hamburg :- 24.03.15
Erfurt (Demonstration) 24.03.2015, 14 Uhr, Hauptbahnhof

Kiel :- 25.03.15
Bremen :- 26.03.15
Berlin :- 27.03.15
Konstanz :- 01.04.15
Schwäbisch Gmd :- 06.04.15
Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Demonstration) 16.04.2015

Video: Keeping Resistane Against Oppression!

Grassroots movement and resistance of refugee activists from Schwaebisch Gmuend against residenzpflicht imprisonment

Contact to the Refugee Activists on Civil disobedience Farooq Khan
(015218353998 engl/farsi) or Frankline Ndam (015214562677 engl/french)

Refugee Initiative Schwäbisch

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